Customer Care. It's all about customer engagement with your brand


Your brand is unique. You have high standards, and your customers are special. Their emotional, and financial investments in your brand advance your corporate objectives. They require Customer Care. For Contact Center Source, Customer Care is at our core. Our goal is to faithfully replicate your standards, support your organization with experience across industries, and provide our insights. Our unique approach is centered on configuring the right team of dedicated Brand Specialists who are passionate about your brand.


We ensure outstanding customer experiences by being first-class communicators — both with your customers, and with your organization. Contact Center Source clients trust us with their most valued asset — their customers. They understand that we are committed to achieving a positive, lasting impression of each brand with every customer engagement. This understanding shapes all that we do. As a result, we undertake a significant commitment to immerse our Brand Specialists in our clients’ brand culture. Brand Care is a Hallmark of Contact Center Source. We design each solution from site orientation to training, area branding to recognition programs, systems, and security to protect, and enhance your brand impression. Our culture, customization, and level of operational flexibility form the foundation for successful Brand Care.

Inbound call center services.We offer the full range of inbound services that help you increase sales, retain customers and create brand loyalty.


Your 800 number, website, catalog, and marketing campaigns sell your products and services while establishing, and promoting your brand personality. When consumers respond, they expect to speak to a representative of your company, and have an experience that reinforces that brand personality. At Contact Center Source, that’s exactly the experience our Brand Specialists deliver. Whatever industry you’re in — luxury brands, automotive, multi-channel retailing, health insurance — we offer the full range of Inbound services that help you increase sales, retain customers, and create brand loyalty. We convey your brand personality consistently, and deliver on your brand promise in every interaction with your customers.

Sales, cross-sell and upsell. We do it your way. A sale is more than a one-time transaction; it’s an experience that brings your customers back or sends them packing!


Your customers will never question where your services end, and ours begin. Contact Center Source has developed an intense process that finds, hires and matches talent to suit your brand personality. Our mission is to become an extension of your sales strategy. We study every facet of your operation by sending our people to your headquarters, giving them a first-hand account of how your business runs. We mirror your training, work environment, and business rules. The result? Your brand essence permeates every interaction between our Brand Specialists and your customers..


We mirror your sales process, and become an extension of your sales team. The buying options we present to your customers always make sense to them. Contact Center Source specializes in communicating your brand personality, and delivering a buying experience that drives repeat business. We’re flexible in our approach to selling your products. Our goal is to adapt our environment to your business model, and product matrix to achieve the highest possible performance, handling every cross-sell, and upsell opportunity in a way that works for your brand. Our Brand Specialists possess the necessary skills, and temperaments to provide your customers with pleasant, and informed assistance, while still up-selling and/or cross-selling by presenting them with options in a helpful, positive manner.

Technical support. Your customer cases − solved. Our Technical Support Specialists build customer relationships, integrating with your culture and providing expertise.


Contact Center Source’s bilingual, and multilingual Technical Support Specialists deliver an added level of comfort, and convenience to your customers. Technical support made easy in a language your customers can relate to. Our dedicated integration teams work within your technological infrastructure, and our proprietary platforms to provide you with custom solutions to meet the needs of your diverse customer base. Flexibility, and skill give Contact Center Source’s Technical Brand Specialists the edge your brand needs to put you first on your customers’ list. Your brand, and your customers deserve the best in technical support.


Building your revenues and growing your brand loyalty involves establishing a technical support foundation for your customers. This requires a significant capital, and human investment. Contact Center Source saves you time, and money by doing this for you. By leveraging our state-of-the-art technology, and extensive call center experience, your customers receive the best technical support services on the market. Your valuable time can be devoted to your core competencies – producing outstanding products, and services. Our Tech Support Specialists understand the critical nature of technical support, and how it builds, and secures your customer relationships. They seamlessly integrate with your culture, and provide expert advice at all levels for your products, and services. They listen, understand, empathize, and resolve every issue to the customer’s satisfaction (even cross-selling or up-selling before the call ends). Our Support Specialists’ passion for your brand comes through at every touchpoint.

Chat support. Live online conversations drive your brand. The keystroke can be mightier than the call. Let's chat.


With live chat support, our Brand Specialists are always available to meet-and-greet your website’s visitors. We provide a comfortable conversation platform with which to engage your customers, and to quickly respond to their queries with personalized assistance. We make browsing, and shopping on your website an immersive experience for your customers.


Our Brand Specialists utilize proactive chat to rescue your customers from check-out errors or zero search-return encounters. For example, a customer has been in the shopping cart page for a period of 80-90 seconds – we send them a message: “Do you need help with your checkout?” We can also initiate live chat customer support within 5 seconds to assist website shoppers after a product search returns zero results – “Hi! May I offer you some assistance with your search?” Our proactive live chat allows your visitor to know that the service is available without being intrusive. The chat window disappears after 30 seconds, if no response.

Email support. Scalable. Flexible. And on time. When your customer's channel of choice is email, we are just a message away.


Our email support for your brand is integrated with a range of other services, including customer care, queries, technical support, price quotes, order fulfillment, and pre- and post-sale customer services. We respond to customers via the channel that will result in the best outcome: If we receive an email and our experience tells us a personal phone call is the best way to respond, that’s what we do. If a customer calls and we recognize that an email with specific, important details is the best way to ensure a good outcome, we respond via email. To ensure our email responses meet the standards for Brand Care we’ve agreed on with you, we train our agents on email systems and procedures and use quality assurance checks and coaching, as necessary, to ensure a consistently high level of quality care.


We are committed to meeting your performance standards for email support, including contractually specified response times, branding requirements, escalation rules, and more. By adding agents, and rescheduling assignments, we can scale to handle even unexpected email volumes from a big sale or unexpected website issue. We also take care to route emails to the queue of the Brand Specialist best qualified—in terms of expertise on products, client policies, order status, or other factors—to answer them. We are flexible in using whatever system or email platform works best for your company. We can develop, and deliver daily reports containing any statistics you specify, including forecast vs. actual email volumes and response times.

Outbound Call Center Services. We MAKE the calls for you.


Telemarketing is a solid marketing tool. Ways in which this tool may be used are appointment setting, lead generation, surveys, market research, list cleaning, data base update, seminar registration, fund raising, phone sales, All type of Insurance, Mortgagee, Real Estate, and client reactivation. Our highly trained outbound agents can provide an array of services which will help to increase sales and revenue.

Appointment Setting B2C and B2B Appointment Setting Services.


In today’s business environment, time truly is money. Your sales representatives are constantly trying to keep up with the demands of their schedules and closing deals. Sales reps need a full pipeline of warm leads. Service teams need a full work schedule. Practices need a full schedule of patients to see. Fill your sales pipeline with warm leads, Our agents can cold call for you and your team. We will take your leads, make the cold calls and set face-to-face sales appointments for your sales staff. Fill your work schedule. Let us call your customers, clients or patients to schedule annual or follow-up appointments.


Our services provide your business and its sales staff with; Efficient campaigns that provide well-qualified leads. Effective lead generation that develops into secured appointments. Dynamic script writing that guarantees ideal leads are converted into scheduled appointments. Customized strategies based on your business’ products and services. Call list /database clean-up and vetting. Real-time appointment rescheduling, and cancellations. Online access to schedules, and calendars.

Collection Reminder Services.Stop dealing with overdue or late payments.


Contact Center Source’s Collection Reminder Service is an efficient solution for your debt recovery needs. Our live, and automated reminder services will call your customers, and remind them of overdue or late payments. Now, your staff does not have to take time of their busy schedules to make calls — they can focus on more pressing matters. Our agents can call out to your customers to recover unpaid debt, or notifications can be sent using our outbound interactive voice response (IVR) system. Contact Center Source's Collection Reminder Services will help your company reduce account delinquency, increase customer responses and improve you and your staff’s productivity.


Contact Center Source provides collection services to many industries, including; Medical Practices, Hospitals, Credit Card Agencies, Personal Loan Firms, Legal Firms, Online Subscription-based Companies, and more. Our debt collection processes are not only effective, but also follow strict Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines. Our agents treat your customers professionally, and are persistent and persuasive to get your unpaid debt recovered.

Lead Generation & Qualification Close More Sales.


Lead Generation, and Qualification Services can help you identify target markets, gain valuable information about your potential B2B and B2C customers, provide you the tools, and knowledge to close sales. Generating, qualifying leads, making calls, and vetting web responses is time consuming and expensive. In addition, profiling target markets requires an immense amount of research. Let Contact Center Source’s Lead Generation, and Qualification experts handle the work so that your sales team can focus on what they do best — selling.


Lead Generation starts with a list or database of prospects. It is sometimes called a "lead list.” This list may originate from contact forms on your website, your current customer list or a list broker. If you need to acquire a list, our Lead Generation, and Qualification consultants can suggest potential list brokers for you to contact. Once the calling list is established, our Lead Generation, and Qualification experts will use it to generate highly qualified leads for your business. Once your calling list is available, our highly trained and experienced Lead Generation agents; Profile your ideal customers, Identify, and qualify prospects and Manage qualified lead distribution to your sales staff. This is all done while developing, maintaining and verifying your lists and databases.